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User picture error on video player page

14 May

Ran into this issue.

The user profile picture show on the OOTB video player page renders as a red x/broken link.


inspecting the link the URL has instead of %20 for spaces in the path to the image.. has %2520.. what is that? dunno?

I confirmed that the page was the out of the box videoplayerpage.aspx

Looks like it is a bug and you have to edit the page manually for the profile picture links to render correctly.

A quick search for the page name and 2520 turned up this link.

Extra annoying, so heads up on that one


Careful when you import that design manager package (part 2)

10 May

After my last post we started looking for more possible content type corruption introduced by Design Manager Export/import process.

it appears to impact other content type besides just “page”. we are seeing corruption in “article page” and “welcome page” as well.

article page is missing:

  • Page content, Summary Links, Byline, Article Date, Image Caption

Welcome page is missing:

  • Page content, Summary Links,¬†Summary Links 2

working on documenting all the content types that are not being exported fully.

Careful when you import that design manager package

8 May

Looking through some issues we were seeing with roll up images not appearing after you check-in and publish a page, and some ULS log message about a column not being defined, it appears that the process of exporting and importing a Design Manger package will corrupt some out of the content types, specifically for pages.

So there is your hot tip for the day.

This is only like one of 4 things for today :/

Want to remove “recent” links from the Left Nav in SharePoint 2013? Good luck with that

2 May

I am working with a new SP2013 install and was noticing the new “recent” link that kept showing up on the left. I had gone through the navigation and deleted it manually,

But it kept showing up.

The implementation is for a pretty tightly managed intranet, so that was not going to work. I was assuming there was a place I could just turn it off. I wasn’t worried about that, but I thought I would do a quick search for how to fix that.

turns out, it is not as straight forward as I would expect. I found this note for this new feature.

The Recent-section gets added automatically through a WebControl on the page. To automatically remove the who section (including child navigation nodes of Recent) you could enable a custom feature, that simply does a .Delete() against the corresponding navigation node in SPWeb.Navigation.QuickLaunch navigation collection.¬†Then just call your custom feature from your provisioning logic, and way Recent -section would always be removed upon provisioning a new site.¬†Alternatively you could use some CSS-styling but that wouldn’t really remove it, but just hide.